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Why Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors?

What makes Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors unique compared to other advisory firms is that we are a team of both certified public accountants and wealth management advisors. Working together, we provide you with tax-optimized investment strategies. We take a holistic approach to designing wealth management strategies that consider every aspect of your financial health, including the tax implications of each decision made.

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We Are Tax-Smart

We take a taxes-first approach to investing and goal achievement. We look at your investment outcomes by what you keep after taxes, not what you earn. Identifying tax advantages is not an afterthought, it’s a core component of working with Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors LLC.

We Are Independent

We are independent wealth management advisors. This means that we are not incentivized to recommend specific investments. Instead, we provide advice based on guiding principles that we have developed. Our internal processes facilitate our evaluation of opportunities so that we select solutions that align with your needs.

We Take A Team Approach

When you work with Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors, you aren’t dealing with just one financial professional. Our team structure gives you access to a variety of expertise and knowledge in different aspects of wealth management. Working together, we collectively deliver a seamless experience that leverages our wide variety of skills. Because we have a strict process for evaluating opportunities and make recommendations, we all follow the same philosophies that are determined by our clients’ needs. It is this process that is the core of everything we do.

We Use Our Resources

In addition to our affiliation with Nisivoccia LLP, we are one of Avantax’s leading wealth management firms. We are fortunate to have access to portfolio analysts from multiple investment management firms. Our process involves synthesizing the information provided by these portfolio managers and making decisions based on collective data. The result of this access, combined with our independence, allows us to leverage the best advice from multiple channels with the best outcomes for our clients.

We find creative solutions that support your goals and investment strategies.

Tax Centric Planning

Having tax professionals and certified public accountants as part of our team means providing tax-smart financial advice is a seamless experience. Tax-planning is never an afterthought.


Our process-driven approach and guiding principles for decision making ensure that clients have the same experience while receiving advice tailored for their specific situation.

Independent, Unbiased Advisory Services

As an independent wealth management firm, we have the flexibility to offer solutions rather than products that we are required or incentivized to sell. This allows us to offer the best investment options for our client’s unique situation.

Collaborative Team Approach To Advisory

When you work with Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors, you have a team of professionals supporting your investment strategy. Working with a team, rather than just one advisor, benefits you with the ability to leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of the group.

Understanding Your Needs

Investing is more than just about numbers. We take the time to understand who you are as a person, who your family is and your multi-faceted personal and financial goals.

Direct & Informative Communication

We are real people, giving real advice. We cut through the jargon, have the hard conversations and make sure you clearly understand your options. If you don’t “get it” we haven’t done our job.

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