Multigenerational Families

Our Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors have extensive industry knowledge in continuing the growth, preservation and transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. We will work with you and your family to help protect your legacy by holding periodic family planning meetings and implementing tax optimized financial planning strategies that everyone can understand. Our advisors will cut through the jargon and facilitate the hard conversations so that you have a clear overview of options.

Below is a guide of topics your Nisivoccia Wealth Advisor will discuss with you and your family:

• Communicate location of important documents such as checking, savings, investments and
insurance policies.

• Review current investment savings, may or may not include values, to understand how your
financial plan is structured today.

• Review any intended plan modifications in the event of unforeseen future expenses.

• Discuss living wills, financial powers of attorney, long-term care arrangements and any other
end of life choices so that the family is aware.

• Share how wills, trusts and insurance policies are structured.

Our services for multigenerational families include:

Investment Planning

Asset Protection

Insurance Planning

Special Situations

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning