Our Values

Our Mission

At Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors LLC, our mission is to empower people to face the future with confidence and have the freedom to live the life they desire. We strive to assist our clients in shaping their financial future and achieving their goals in a simplistic and tax centric manner. Because our clients have multiple wealth management needs, we take the time to understand our clients and their multi-faceted personal and financial goals.

Our Philosophy

Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors is committed to an overall engagement philosophy: to provide our clients with distinctive and superior, value-added service. We place great emphasis on building relationships with our clients. Our team works to understand your current situation, your goals for the future, and working together, helps create a strategy to help you succeed. We take pride in conducting our work with a business consciousness and awareness that will enable us to make suggestions and recommendations that are constructive and helpful.

Our Values

The foundation of our philosophy begins with our values: Tax centric planning, consistency, independence, collaborative team approach to advisory, understanding your needs and direct informative communication.


  • Tax Centric planning

Having tax professionals and certified public accountants as part of our team means providing tax-smart financial advice is a seamless experience. Tax-planning is never an afterthought.


  • Consistency

Our process-driven approach and guiding principles for decision making ensure that clients have the same experience while receiving advice tailored for their specific situation.


  • Independent, unbiased advisory services

As an independent wealth management firm, we have the flexibility to offer solutions rather than products that we are required or incentivized to sell. This allows us to offer the best investment options for our client’s unique situation.


  • Collaborative team approach to advisory

When you work with Nisivoccia Wealth Advisors, you have a team of professionals supporting your investment strategy. Working with a team, rather than just one advisor, benefits you with the ability to leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of the group.


  • Understanding your needs

Investing is more than just about numbers. We take the time to understand who you are as a person, who your family is and your multi-faceted personal and financial goals.


  • Direct and informative communication

We are real people, giving real advice. We cut through the jargon, have the hard conversations and make sure you clearly understand your options. If you don’t “get it” we haven’t done our job.